Peet's Coffee & Tea


We have a long-running history with a many of our clients. Peet's Coffee and Tea being one of them. Over the years, we have created some fairly ingenius menu options for their cafés and their client's locations. We have been so involved, in fact, that we not only maintain and customize their menus on a regular basis, but we've also created an online ordering system for them to quickly place orders online or on their tablets out on the road.



Kiosk Setup at Easton Hospital where we provided the digital menu systems and overhead graphics, table top framed call-out, and the flavor tags on the individual dispeners.



Fully Branded Peet's Licensed Partner location where we provided the menu systems and overhead valance graphics.



Holiday/Seasonal Teas section of Peet's Corporate. We created the menu boards in this shot.




Ivar's Fish Bar


Ivar's and Kidd Valley are two more clients we have enjoyed a close relationship with over the years. As a matter of fact, whenever they open a new location or restore an older one, we are one of the first providers they call for their graphics, wall paper, menu systems, and even some custom-designed, one-off creations...



Overhead Menu Boards we built out of Stainless Steel frames with Visual Magnetic backers for easy switch out of menus and specialty call-outs by printing the menus on receptive paper mediums.



Old, Historical Boeing Airfield photos printed on 40c and mounted on black sintra. Mounted to the wall using french cleat systems.



Dining Walls showing framed graphics and wallpaper we created and installed on location.



Dining Walls showing framed graphics and wallpaper we created and installed on location.



Full height / width "branded" wallpaper we created and installed on location.



We even provided Restroom Wayfinder Signage!



"Ivar's Over the Years" display in the process of being installed at the Issaquah, WA location.




Kidd Valley


When the new Kidd Valley on the Pier in Seattle, WA opened, we were who they called to handle the aesthetics. We also installed them!



These overhead menu boards are comprised of 40c adhesive-backed vinyl graphics mounted direct to .5" CNC-cut oval Sintra pieces. The bottom specialty item ovals are all printed on receptive media so they can be quickly switched out with new options via a magnetic backer.



The Burger Wall! This wall was wallpapered with graphics printed on 40C adhesive-backed vinyl and installed by us. Then the hamburger was hung with french cleats for a permanent placement. The hamburger graphic is comprised of 40C mounted to .5" CNC-cut Black Sintra.



The Great Burger Stack! Printed on 40C and mounted on .5" CNC-cut black sintra, this imposing burger stack fills the sace greatly. The background is a blackboard type material that accepts chalk writing/drawing. The legend of the sandwich offerings are direct printed on the chalkboard.



The giant chalkboard for kids to draw on while waiting on their food.



Old fashioned Hamburger Sign we made by mounting the digital prints direct to the backer with 40c Adhesive Vinyl. The image is mounted to the wall with french cleats for permanent adhesion.



These two framed pieces were custom made from old barn wood we just happened to have lying about. The frames are mounted to the wall with a french cleat system.



This Kidd Valley Legend was printed on 40c adhesive-back vinyl and mounted direct to .5" black sintra and mounted to the wall with french cleats.



This Fresh Cut Fries "Jellyfish" is made up of CNC-cut sintra and covered with graphics printed on 40c. The background wall is "papered" in digitally-printed 4oc adhesive-backed vinyl.



A view into the Kitchen reveals a one-off piece we created for Kidd Valley called the "Spudz Hopper".



A better view of the Spudz Hopper!



Side Menu Boards made of Stainless Steel frames with magnetic backers and Visual Magnetic menus.


Seafood Entrees menu with frame comprised of re-purposed barn wood.




Starbucks Coffee


In the early years of Starbucks Coffee, we helped create their wall-mounted menu systems as well as a few other projects.


Full menu system on location in the original Starbucks location.


The famous disc logo replicated in clear acrylic with screen printed artwork.


Espresso menu system with interchangeable pricing and line items.


Starbucks Cold Beverages menu with wood screen-printed with line items and pricing.


Screen Printed 3D Bean Story Plaque for Starbucks.


Close up of the artwork on the Bean Story Plaque.






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